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EF Academy offers a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and a focus on developing well-rounded individuals. Students embark on a journey that goes beyond traditional education, fostering a global perspective and preparing them for success in a rapidly changing world.

EF Academy represents a collaborative assembly of dedicated professionals sharing a common mission: to empower academic excellence through the creation and implementation of valuable tools.
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EF Academy represents a collaborative assembly of dedicated professionals sharing a common mission: to empower academic excellence through the creation and implementation of valuable tools.
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EF Academy represents a collaborative assembly of dedicated professionals sharing a common mission: to empower academic excellence through the creation and implementation of valuable tools.
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About EF Academy

EF Academy stands as a unified force of professionals dedicated to breaking down barriers in education and beyond. Our shared objective is to democratize access to invaluable tools encompassing academic, life, and career skills.

At EF Academy, our commitment is rooted in the belief that empowering every individual with essential skills fosters collective progress and contributes to a more inclusive and thriving society.

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What Makes us the Ultimate Solution?

The unique mobile application identifies or discovers the status of learning and career-related skills through psychometric tests.

The app identifies the root cause that limits the child from achieving the desired academic performance level through the DMIT test.

The app helps rectify the weak skill areas by providing online classes, practical tips, and worksheets.

The app provides free CBSE courses from classes 1st to 12th along with JEE/NEET entrance exam contents.

The app helps parents to understand and foster their child according to the 21st century needs through positive parenting tips and worksheets.

The app focuses on the constant development of the child through monthly tests, graphical reports, online tuition, career counseling, and scholarship support.

The application is your one-stop destination for all the skill assessment and learning needs of your child.

The app ensures the positive academic performance and growth of every child.


D.M.I.T. The D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) provides insights into your child’s characteristics. This technique was created by scientists and research experts from globally respected universities, drawing on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology, and Neuroscience.

DMIT:- DMIT is a well-established scientific examination of fingerprints. It unravels a person’s brain potential and aptitude by analyzing the physical patterns of fingerprints, which are connected to brain development. Dermatoglyphics is a specialized field that integrates principles from neurobiology, genetics, brain science, and embryology.

How it DMIT Works!

Get the DMIT Test Done in Comfort of Your Home

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Benefits of DMIT

Know your child’s inborn talents and natural character.

Identify your Child’s innate abilities and personality.

Understand the best learning style for Your Child & Customize the learning programs based on your Child’s learning style.

Improve the relationship between children and parents.

Understand your child’s learning speed and communication style.

Understand the right parenting and teaching techniques.

Identify the right extracurricular activities for your child based on their Multiple Intelligence and innate abilities.

Understand your child’s emotional, creative, and adversity quotients along with his intelligence quotients (IQ).

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Get the DMIT Test Done in Comfort of Your Home

What is Dermatoglyphics?
Dermatoglyphics, derived from ancient Greek words derma meaning skin and glyph meaning carving, is the scientific study of fingerprints. The term was coined by Dr Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, even though the process of fingerprint identification had already been in use for several hundred years. All primates have ridged skin. It can also be found on the paws of certain mammals, and on the tails of some monkey species. In humans and animals, dermatoglyphs are present on fingers, palms, toes and soles. This helps shed light on a critical period of embryogenesis, between four weeks and five months, when the architecture of the major organ systems is developing.
Can Dermatoglyphics test help me?

Dermatoglyphics tests help us understand people being tested for following faculties:

  • The structure of the superior order of brain function.
  • Learning how to operate a keen ability.
  • Visual, auditory, learning the proper channels.
  • Learning and education, communication patterns.
  • Eight multi-intelligence potential.

Sometimes parents do not understand their child’s true potential. The tests help parents understand their child’s clear mind and brain cells, the distribution and function of strength, grasps child’s unique qualities and potential. Besides, they can also learn how children should be given proper learning environment so that we can follow according to the child’s personality characteristics and the mode of communication for him/her to achieve the function of raising a child mind in order to enhance the learning outcomes.

What can I know from the Fingerprint Analysis test about myself ?

This test could be for an adult or a child and it tells you about:

  • Your learning styles(Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
  • Your brain dominance ( Left or Right )
  • Your Personality traits and behaviour patterns
  • Your relationship compatibility with other personalities
  • Why children are opposed to your thoughts and ideas
  • Why children are over active or stubborn
  • What are my potential subjects for higher studies
  • What type of career will have scope to fulfil my potential
How accurate is the dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test?

Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetics and embryology. Fingerprint patterns are not random but are arranged according to individual genetic makeup.

Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test is scientifically proven. Besides, the data acquisition process is computerized. Therefore, we can achieve an accuracy of more than 90%. Striae formation and formation of brain are synchronized with the foetus in the mother’s body in first 13 weeks to 19 weeks. It has been medically and clinically proven that striae and the existence of multiple intelligences are completely linked.

The proponent of multiple intelligences theory by Professor Howard Gardner states that multiple intelligences exist in the brain system and further identify the brain structures which are in-charge of the intelligence area. Therefore, sooner the child understands the situation of dermatoglyphics, better we can inspire and help the child’s multiple intelligence development as soon as possible.

How will a Dermatoglyphics Assessment benefit me?

Every child possesses unique qualities and potential. We can teach the children better if we can understand their innate characteristics and aptitude through scientific methods. If a child is gifted, he/she can improve his/her skills with more clarity. It is vital to give an accurate and right stimulation as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of precious ability.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing scientific or medical basic?

Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on many sciences, viz. medical sciences of genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, brain science etc, use of observation, recording, contrast, inductive learning methods coupled with clinical experience. It was concluded that from the striae we can accurately analyze the child’s multiple intelligences and potential personality.

Is Dermatoglyphics test an IQ test?

Dermatoglyphics test is not an IQ test but an intelligent narrowing definition of striae test of multiple intelligences, including linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body – kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and last but not least naturalist intelligence, which is included in the eight intelligence, where “IQ” can be simply summarized as a simple test which takes into consideration only logical and mathematical intelligence test.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing Palm Reading or Palmistry?

No, striae test is based on the most advanced scientific and medical research. Besides, Dermatoglyphics testing refers to the growth in human hands, protruding ridges on the soles of the feet, which is a lifetime constant while palm readers target at hand-held self recessed lines, which keep changing over a period of time.

What happens during a Dermatoglyphics assessment?

All you have to do is place each finger on a machine that scans your finger prints. In less than a week your report will be ready for collection. The report will be around 40 pages long. The Certified DMIT counselor from DMIT will analyse and interpret the full report and explain all its fine prints to you.

Preserve this report for Life as it will be your friend, philosopher and guide in the future.

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Psychometric Test

Psychometric tests are designed to test a person’s mental state, personality, and thought processes. It is simply a way of measuring people’s individual talents, capabilities strengths, and weaknesses.

Psychometric tests are assessments performed to evaluate the skills, performance, potential, abilities, intelligence, and personality of your child.

Made for students of class 6th and above and questions are delivered in four languages (Hindi/ English / Bangla / Odia).

Questions are non-subjective, behavioral-based, and objective type only with 3-4 options to select.

48 hours May gives you the report in PDF form which you can download, and better understanding and interpretations.

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Midbrain Activation

The midbrain is the part of the brain that has special command over both hemispheres of the brain located highest side of the brain stream. By activating or stimulating mid brain we get some balance between the right and left brain which enables child to live a balanced life with great sensory enhancement resulting in superb concentration, speedy reading, and photogenic memory.

Improved Memory Power
Enhanced Concentration Power
More articulate thinking style and sharper mind
Stress Management during Revision and Homework
Objective Making & Goal Setting
Self-Motivation Techniques (Optimism)
Metaphorical Thinking & Power of Visualization
Balancing the use of Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind

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EF Academy Solutions

EF Academy Solutions: Pioneering Next-Generation Learning and Career Development

EF Academy Solutions stands at the forefront of innovation as a “Next Generation” mobile app designed for comprehensive learning and career skills assessment and support. This transformative tool empowers students by evaluating their core competencies, learning aptitudes, and life skills. The app not only provides valuable insights to students but also streamlines the feedback process for parents and teachers, reducing effort by 80%. Through a step-by-step guidance approach, EF Academy Solutions assists students in cultivating 21st-century learning and life skills in every assignment.

At EF Academy Solutions, our commitment is unwavering in providing students with top-tier education and career opportunities tailored for the demands of the 21st century. Recognizing the concerns parents harbor regarding their children’s education and future, we embrace the social responsibility of addressing these issues head-on. Furthermore, our initiative extends to offering unemployed youth a transformative opportunity. By engaging in meaningful work with a service-oriented ethos, they can not only attain financial independence but also embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling life. Join us in shaping a future where education and career prospects are aligned with the dynamic landscape of the 21st century.

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